Improv Workshops

build people up

create new ideas

break down barriers

think outside the box

Improvisational Training has much to offer teams and businesses. Improvisation itself is a highly underrated skill. It is as natural as having a conversation with a friend, but has the power to change the way we interact and think. What if we could harness the subconscious, and use it to improve the way we learn, create, communicate and interact? This is where Improv Training can have a greater impact than more traditional forms of training – because it is rooted in the experiential the potential for deeper impact is exponential.

A Positive Atmosphere

Our IMPROV workshops centre around a series of carefully designed GAMES, chosen to create a unique positive atmosphere — one of agreement, understanding, empathy, fun and creative expression.

Yes, and…

“Yes And…” is the fundamental game from which all IMPROV evolves.

You say something…
I agree with you and add something…
You agree with what I’ve just said and add another idea…
I agree with you and add something more…
And so on…
Simple, right?

So… IMPROV is about agreement, you say? That is part of it. But the idea goes beyond just agreement to synergy — how each individual can make a positive contribution that will not only benefit the greater whole but also mean better end results!

Improv Training offers…

… a supportive, positive and safe environment for developing and evolving new life and work skills. Improv offers a platform for:

  • Team building
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Connection
  • Learning to hold ideas lightly in order to develop the best ideas together
  • Building confidence in front of others
  • Understanding body language
  • Encouraging vulnerability, empathy and acceptance of change
  • Encouraging dialogue, and finding a narrative that everyone understands and buys into

The Workshops

Stand Alone Workshops

This kind of workshop is usually one session focussed on a specific theme, e.g. Art of Communication or our Letting Off Steam De-Stress Sessions focussed on fun and camaraderie. Perhaps a good start to a new year, or an end of quarter detox and release session.

Length: 3 hours
# of Participants: Min. 5, Max. 20

Full Treatment Workshops

This is the most effective approach, with one session per week over four or eight weeks. These can be tailored to some specific needs, and can cover a broad range of exercises and games that also allow for assessing growth, finding a way forward.

Length: 4/8 x 3 hour sessions over 4 or 8 weeks
# of Participants: Min. 5, Max. 20

The Facilitators

Each member of the IMPROV Training Team brings their own unique flavour, experience, background and skills to the sessions. All workshop leaders have rich backgrounds in education, entertainment, leadership and communication skills which creates a powerful and safe space for workshop participants.

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