The Teeth of Giants

Check out the new audiobook Kevin narrated, written by Gordon Wallis. Now available on Audible. The Teeth of Giants.


They hunted the elephants for ivory. And nobody crossed them. Until now….

Could one man help to stop this horrific trade?

He was an old friend. His death was suspicious. At the least, ex special forces soldier Jason Green had to return to Africa to pay his respects. He never intended to get caught up in the murky and savage world of the illegal ivory trade.

What had his ex-military buddy been doing that got him killed?

Could Jason unravel the mystery of his death?

In the Zambezi Valley, someone is always watching.

The corrupt and powerful will stop at nothing to protect their business.

The deeper Jason digs, the more dangerous it gets. The risks are real, the threats are everywhere, the poaching cartels must be stopped, but will Jason end up being the next one killed?

The action is brutal and non stop in this gritty international crime epic. Everyone wants justice and retribution. But sometimes that comes at a price.

Get it now.©2019 Gordon Wallis (P)2019 Gordon Wallis

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