Improv Theatre

Kevin has been making things up as he goes along for years, sometimes he does it in a theatre. He loves the world of improv theatre. Originally Kevin started out doing ‘Improv’ theatre with Over the Edge Theatre Company, a group he was with for 10 years. Together with three of the company members they attended the World Improv Championships in Germany in 2006, representing Zimbabwe. Over the Edge also used improv as a useful tool for script writing, and many of their best plays owe a lot to the improv process.

Circa 2009 Kevin started The Impro Show with a group of theatrical friends to continue satisfying his desire for improv theatre. The group, affectionately known as The Imps, have been putting Improv theatre style shows together since then, experimenting with various forms: games style (like Whose Line Is It Anyway), longer form improv, murder mystery parties and more recently Theatresports™. Even when not doing shows the group meet regularly to try out new techniques and develop themselves further in the dark mysterious waters of Improv.

When not performing improv himself, Kevin (together with various Imps) runs workshops, particularly to develop improvisation skills in young performers. They now have a weekly Theatresports class in Harare, and are a registered organisation with The International Theatresports Institute in Calgary, Canada.

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