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Hakuna Mari


Dinner Only TV Pilots

Written by Musa Saruro, directed by The Impro Show Team, produced by Kevin Hanssen. Starring Chipo Chikara, Kevin Hanssen, Jamie McLaren, Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi, Erin Sticklen and Musa Saruro.

Nic and Ru are a young married couple. One night Ru’s mother comes for dinner at their Avondale Garden Flat, and just never leaves. Cultures, generations and knees clash in this new, fun Zimbabwean made sitcom.

Glen Lorne Christmas Movie


A Tree To Sing To

A Tree to Sing To (2015): Directed by Kevin Hanssen, Written by Kevin Hanssen and Chipo Chikara. Based on Folk Tales as told by Alexander McCall Smith and Shimmer Chinodya.