My Fair Lady

I performed in My Fair Lady earlier this year at Reps Theatre, my theatrical home in Harare, Zimbabwe. From childhood days I remember listening to the songs. We had the record at home, an old LP my mother had, with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews taking the lead roles. It feels like everyone who grew up in a British or colonial British home has a copy of that LP, along with the Sound of Music, the Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare!

I was away for the first part of rehearsals, rehearsing A Man Like You in Kenya, so it was great to plug into a show that was already up on its feet to some extent when I got back. Thanks to Cat Blanchfield and Caroline Yule for fantastic performances of Eliza (I had two Eliza’s to perform with), and to Sue Bolt for her steady direction of a very large cast. Thank you too to the Harare audiences who turned out in considerable numbers to see this colourful and well known show. There was plenty of singing along from the pews! Gavin Peter, we know who you are!

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