Jump Theatre Basic 1Jump Theatre – How to make a play, is a book written by Kevin Hanssen, published by Africalia and Jump Productions.

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Theatre is about telling stories. Jump Theatre explores the many roles and processes required to create theatre, with examples from the author’s personal experience of professional and educational theatre production in Southern Africa and internationally. More than twenty years of practical, hands on experience of creating theatre are celebrated in the book. Beautifully illustrated with numerous photographs, tables, sample schedules and diagrams, Jump Theatre is particularly useful for schools, universities and theatre companies as a broad introduction to theatre production. Specific concrete examples help to make abstract ideas easier to understand, and there are plenty of references to further reading for those who wish to delve deeper into the different departments of theatre production.

05-casting-and-auditionsChapter headings

  • Foreword by Bjorn Maes (Africalia)
  • Introduction
  • Creating a play – a brief overview
  • Assigning roles
  • Choosing a play
  • Research and analysis
  • A list of needs
  • Choosing a company
  • Auditions
  • Read through
  • The Rehearsal process:
  1. Unit11-the-design-processs and blocking
  2. Warm up
  3. Rehearsing small units
  4. Games and experimenting
  5. Rehearsing a musical
  • The Design process:
  1. Introduction to design
  2. Set design
  3. Costume, props and decor
  4. Lighting design
  5. Sound design
  6. Using a PA system
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Production management and the technical rider
  • Running through the whole play
  • lionwitchwardrobeTechnical rehearsals
  • Dress rehearsals
  • Performances
  • Move-out
  • Last words and thank you
  • About the author


Illustrations by Heather Cameron and Alex Fairlie. Photography by Laurie Macpherson.